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"This, That, and the Other Thing"

"This, That, and the Other Thing"

by Debbie and Greg Beckman

September 1-29, 2019 

         The members of the Klamath Art Association and Gallery are proud to announce their September exhibit, “This, That & the Other Thing” featuring the husband and wife team of Greg and Debbie Beckman. beginning on Sunday, September 1st. A public reception will be held for the artists on Sunday, September 8th from noon to 4 pm.  Musician Tommy Franks will be entertaining at the September 8 receptIion from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. "Gallery goers can expect to see colorful and innovative photography and creations This dynamic duo collaboration is not be missed! This extraordinary exhibit will run through September 29th.
         Greg Beckman began building things at an early age while growing up on a ranch in South-Western Wyoming. It was this need to build and repair that brought Greg’s ability to see things in a different light. His mother, also an artist, enabled him to keep his interests running in high gear. Greg’s attraction to photography hooked him to this day.
         Greg began photography in earnest in 1969 during his first tour of Viet Nam. Cameras were cheap and film developing was free. He felt that if he is going to be in a combat zone, there must be some sort of beauty to find and record. Over five thousand photos later Greg had found that beauty. He stayed in the hobby for many years after his military service, using photography as a means of supplementing his income while in college and eventually got into doing serious photography in 1976 when I was offered a lucrative job as a pool as a as a photographer. “Photography as a means of expression and means of viewing the world around me has brought to light all facets of living, playing and capturing the life that abounds. To be able to present it to others and let them see behind the scenes gives me great pleasure and I hope it opens some eyes to what is around them, above and below”.
         Debbie Beckman has derived great pleasure from taking an idea and making it come to life since childhood. Debbie is mostly self-taught. Though she has taken several art classes in the past, it is her quest and fascination with different methods, processes and medias that keeps her interested and constantly learning. “If I could name a muse, it would be Nature. She is beautiful, complex, fascinating, inspiring and fills me with pure joy. Much of my work reflects this love of nature. I will spend hours studying and photographing, birds, bees, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers or whatever else passes me as I stand still in awe.”
         Debbie will have photography including her double image photographs. Also, you will see her new “action figures”. As a lover of 3-dimensional art and the human body in motion, she has created several 6” figures in the form of a hiker, a cross country skier, a gypsy and three Cirque de Soleil inspired acrobats. In addition, she will show new jewelry. They will reflect her favorite medias for jewelry - copper, silver, wire wrap, bone, resin, beads as well as some new Klamath Amber pieces. “As the title says, we will have this, that and the other thing.”

         The Klamath Art Gallery is located in historic Maple Park at 120 Riverside Drive, at the South end of the Link River "birding trail." The gallery is open Thursdays through Sundays. According to the Klamath Art Association bylaws our purpose is "to stimulate and encourage the practice, study, and appreciation of the arts, in the public interest." For additional information about the historic Klamath Art Association and Gallery phone 541-883-1833 during business hours.  Admission is always FREE!

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Showing in October: Oil and Acrylic Painting by Marlene Palmer

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