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"Unruly Imagination" Works of Thomas Dyer March 1-29, 2007

       Thomas Dyer returns to the Klamath Art Gallery in a solo show of recent mixed media works.  Expect a high degree of silliness in his "junk for joy" genre, reflective encounters with carvings in wood and stone, and wall art intended to provoke reactions from viewers.  It's for fun, and Klamath Falls has earned some of that. 
       “Unruly Imagination” will run from Sunday, March 1st through Sunday, March 29th.  A public reception for the artist will be held on Sunday, March 1st from noon to 4 PM.Not all of Thomas Dyer's art is silly.  Certainly the metal space aliens, bugs, toolbox critters, and outdoor monstrosities are on the quirky end of the scale.  And viewers can apply their own narratives to most of his paintings, which are non-objective explorations of color and texture in the styles of the last century.  And it's true that pieces of the family piano, pushed off the porch and disarranged in the front yard, do figure in some of his assemblages and constructions.

       "Playing around in multiple mediums is a good fit for my confused approach to art, even if it means existing in a profound mess of stuff that might be useful just as soon as I figure out what it's for." However, this show is a reminder that Thomas Dyer is primarily a carver of wood and stone, and the beauties of these raw materials are brought out with painstaking care.  Frequently subjects in his sculptures are more serious, dealing with relationships between people, animals and the earth.
        The Klamath Art Gallery is located in historic Maple Park at 120 Riverside Drive, across from the Favell Museum. It is on the south end of the Link River birding trail. The gallery is open Thursdays through Mondays from noon to 4 PM. For additional information about the historic Klamath Art Association and Gallery phone 541-883-1833 during business hours.  Admission is always FREE!

Please go to our NOW SHOWING  to see a preview of this exhibit.

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Coming  next month March 2015:  “An Explosion of Color with Alcohol Ink”

2015 Exhibits

March 1-29   "Unruly Imagination" The Works of Thomas Dyer
                      Reception Sunday, Sunday March 1, noon to 4 PM.

April 5           Easter Sunday (Closed)   

April 6-26     “An Explosion of Color With Alcohol Ink” 
                      Opening Reception Sunday, April 12

April 25          10 AM - Noon  Alcohol Ink Class taught by Martha Waardenburg
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May 3-31      Annual Membership Exhibit
                     Reception Sunday, Sunday, May 3, noon to 4 PM.

May 25         Memorial Day (closed)

May 28         Annual Membership Meeting and Election- location and time to be 
                     announced soon. 

July 4            Independence Day (Closed)

June 7-25      Art and Photography by Tess and Eric Dillenberger

                      Reception Sunday, June 7, noon to 4 PM. 

July 5-26       "All Things Crater Lake" Invitational Exhibit 
                       Reception Sunday, Sunday, July 5, noon to 4 PM.

Aug. 2-30     Art by Susan Liskey, Donna Woolery, and Mary Johnson
                     Reception Sunday, August 2, noon to 4 PM.

Sept. 6-27     Photography by Rich Bergman
                      Reception Sunday, September 6, noon to 4 PM.

Sept. 7          Labor Day (Closed)

Oct. 4-25        Art by Joyce Miles and Students
                     Reception Sunday, October 4, noon to 4 PM.

Nov. 1 to Dec. 20  Annual Holiday Showcase
                     Reception Sunday, November 1, noon to 4 PM.

Nov. 26         Thanksgiving (Closed)

Dec. 6           Holiday Open House, Sunday Dec. 6, noon to 4 PM

December 21 through January 2 (Closed for the holidays) 

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Requesting an exhibit at the Klamath Art Gallery:
The gallery is now taking applications for OPEN months in 2016 and 2017. Also will consider request to fill in for possible future cancellations.  Click on the tab links on the top of this page and directly print out an application form. Also be sure to read "Exhibit Policies. Read it carefully. A deposit fee is required. Please note to mail your application packet to our post office box listed on the application. Do NOT drop them off at the galleryApplication forms are also available at the gallery. If you have other questions about exhibiting, contact us via email to or phone the gallery at 541-883-1833 and leave a message for President Marion Clifford.