Exhibiting Around Town

**Klamath Art Gallery Sponsored Exhibits:

At Ross Raglund Theater - returning in Fall 2017

At the Klamath County Library (Main Branch) 2017:

MONTH                     BOARDS                                GLASS DISPLAY                                            

JUNE                          Susan Baird- KAA                 Diana Evans - KAA

AUGUST                    Liz Garcia - KAA                  Barbara Turner - KAA       

SEPTEMBER             James Beene - KAA              Not KAA         

NOVEMBER             Greg Beckman - KAA           Debbie Beckman - KAA

If you would like to show at the Klamath County Library,  please contact Liz Garcia at lizart4u@hotmail.com.

At Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union:

On hold during remodel       Next in Line:    Photography by Jonne Goeller 

At the Crater Lake Klamath Regional Airport:

Next Rotation is on July 19th.

This exhibit will be in the secured passenger boarding area PAST the federal security checkpoint. 

If you would like to show at this venue, please email us at klamathartassoc@aol.com.
Here is the link to the airport: http://www.flykfalls.com/ for more information about their operations.

**Your KAA dues need to be current to exhibit at one of our above KAA sponsored venues.

Other Venues Where Members are exhibiting:

1.  Attention all members - this could be your space for publicity - please send us updated information on where and when you will be showing your work!

2.  An ongoing exhibit by Jonne M. Goeller  at  MC's on Main Restaurant located at 617 Main Street in Klamath Falls. The restaurant is across the street from their old location.  Her works from her "Great Basin" collection are on display.  The restaurant is open daily for lunch from 10 AM to 2 PM.

At Running Y Ranch Resort: Another venue to view work by Jonne Goeller  is at Gourmet Peddlers located in the Running Y Resort newly renamed "Pine Tree Plaza"  The coffee house is next door to the Running Y Market/Liquor store. Hours for the coffee shop are 7:00 AM through lunch hour until 7 PM. Current exhibit is "Ranching in the Basin". 

She is also showing a small display of her Panormaic photography at the new restaurant Ponderosa Grill. More information on the web at this link: Photos by Jonne_________________________________________________________________________
This listing service is available to only current dues paid up members. Members are welcome to submit a descriptions of their current exhibits. Limit is 120 words per venue. Be sure to include standard journalism info:  who, what, when, where, and why's.  Send to klamathartassoc@aol.com 
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