Exhibitor Application

Klamath Art Gallery Exhibitor Application Form
Link to Exhibit Policies

Name (Print): _______________________________________Today’s date: __________
Address: ____________________________________City: ________________________
State:_______Zip:__________  E-mail:_________________________________________
Preferred Phone #: ______________________________
Type of art or photography you would like to show: _________________________________________________________________________
Preferred months for showing – circle at least two and fill in year (note: February, May, November, and December are dedicated to annual gallery events): Jan. 20__, Mar. 20 __, Apr. 20__, June 20__, July 20__, Aug 20__, Sep. 20__, Oct 20__ . Check the gallery calendar on  the KAA web page or gallery bulletin board before applying.  http://klamathartgallery.blogspot.com/p/kaa-calendar.html.
Basic information about our gallery and our shows: The KAA Gallery is an all-volunteer organization. It is open Thursday-Monday from noon to 4 pm. Artists opening receptions are usually on the first Sunday of the month, except on legal holidays. Artists usually hang their shows on the Friday or Saturday prior to the show’s opening. Shows go until the last Sunday of the month and must remain up until 4 PM. The Gallery commission on sales is 25% for members who are up-to-date on dues payment and 30% for nonmembers. 75% of the pieces in the exhibition must be for sale, unless specifically exempted by the Exhibits Chairperson or the KAA President.
If you receive approval for a showing from the Board of Directors, a contract will be mailed to you. A non-refundable $50 booking fee and a $10 refundable key fee is to be paid upon return of the contract. Contracts are void if not returned within 30 days. Be sure to read the contract carefully.
All artwork will remain at the gallery until the end of the show OR until it is sold. Artists will be contacted for a replacement piece. Please do not ask to borrow a piece of work back for another commitment. Local artists are responsible for providing refreshments for their 4-hour long opening receptions. The gallery will provide coffee, punch, and cups with help from the gallery host or hostess. Refreshments will only be provided for out of town artists. The gallery will also handle publicity for your showing, and will provide the artist with up to 20 postcards for personal mailing and an electronic version of the invitation. The artist may pay for additional cards, and is responsible for personal mailings. The gallery takes care of poster distribution.
Please include the following REQUIRED supplemental materials with this application:
1. A resume of your previous showings, if any.
2. A short biography about yourself as an artist or photographer
3. A verbal description of your work, including number of pieces you expect to have ready for your show.
4. 8-12 sample images of your work: photographic prints, or a digital printout. Do not send original work.
5. A self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your materials.
Do not turn your application into the gallery in person. Mail to: Klamath Art Gallery, P.O. Box 955, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.
KAA Board Action: ________________Date: _______ 
Month/Year for Approved Exhibit: _____________________
Board Member Signature: ____________________________________
Notes: ______________________________________________________________________

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