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"Celebration of Birds"
February 4 through 25th, 2018
Opening reception Sunday Feb. 4 noon to 4 PM

Gallery hours in 2018: Open noon to 4 PM daily, closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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"Free Falling" Jewelry
by Kathy Larson
"Top Gun"  Bronze Sculpture
by Stefan Savades
Web site link is posted below the last image.
"Pairing Up"  Photography
by Larry Heath
"We Need A Bigger Rock"
Photography by Larry Heath
Photography by Jack Noeller
Photography by Jack Noller
"Online Gathering"  Origami Low-Relief
Paper Sculpture by Barbara Turner
"Standing Tall"  Digitally Enhanced
 Photography by Ron Larson

"Snow Kiss". Digitally Enchanced
Photography by Kathy Larson
"Heart and Hummer Soul"
Jewelry by Kathy Larson
"The Morning Launch" Photography
by Jonne M. Goeller

Web site link is posted below the last image.
"Stilt"  Photography
by Greg Beckman
"Leucistic Hawk"  Photography
by Greg Beckman
"Crow " Acrylic Painting on 
Hardboard by Angela Clements
Drawing by Sandra Clark
"Buzzard Fashionista"  Photograph
by Jonne M. Goeller
"Dapper Downy"
Enhanced Digital Photograph
by Ron and Kathy Larson
"Matting Dive"  Acrylic Painting
by Liz Garcia
"Enjoying A Berry"  Photography
by Charlotte Motschenbacher
"Female Grossbeak"  Photography
by Charlotte Motschenbacher
"Humming Through the Basin"  Acrylic Painting
by Liz Garcia
"Night Owl"  Acrylic Painting/Mixed Media
by Cathy Nevala
"I'm A Hoot"  Fused glass
by Diana Evans
"Snipe"  Acrylic Painting
by Liz Hubbard
"Spirit Flight" Encaustic Painting
On Cradled Panel
by Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner
"Wondering Owl"  Drawing by
Robert Clements
"Nesting"   Painting by
Chris Halvorson
"Oregon Tech Owl"  Mixed Media
Sculpture by Angela Clements
"Cerulean Eagle" Photography
 by Katie Stuntebeck
"Snowy Sparrow"  Photography
 by Katie Stuntebeck
"Finch"  Drawing by
Chris Halverson
"Great Egret"  Photography
by Debbie Henry
"Great Horned Owl"  Photography
by Debbie Henry
"Juvenile White Pelican"  Felted wool 
sculpture by Ruth Olsen
"Swan"  Acrylic Painting on
Paper by Robert Clements
"Girls Reflecting"  Photography
by Debbie Beckman
"Mallard Reflecting"  Photography
by Debbie Beckman
"Birds in the Hands"  Sculpture
by Barbara Turner
"Zip Art: Small Red Heart"
Mixed Media Jewelry by Debbie Beckman
"Red Felt Bird" Sculpture
by Debbie Beckman
"White Felt Bird" Sculpture
by Debbie Beckman
"Owl Felt Pin"     Sculpture
by Debbie Beckman
"Varied Felt Bird" Sculpture
by Debbie Beckman
"Lady of the Crane Muse"  Origami
 by Barbara Turner
Stefan Savides Link:
Jonne M. Goeller Link:

PEOPLE'S CHOICE VOTING RESULTS from "Celebration of Birds"  2018 Opening Reception

BEST OF SHOW:   "Top Gun" – Stefan Savides

1st Place - “Blue Billed Duck” – Sam McKeen
2nd Place - “Spirit Flight” – Teddy Goldsworthy-nanner
3rd Place - “Crows” – Angela Clements
Honorable Mention -” Eagle on a Feather” – Leslie Rogers

1st Place – “Enjoying a Berry” – Charlotte Motschenbacher
2nd Place – “Snowy Sparrow” – Katie Way
3rd Place – “Standing Tall “ – Ron Larson
Honorable Mention - “American Avocet” – Jesse Justus

1st Place – “Birds in the Hand” – Barbara Turner
2nd Place – “I'm a Hoot” – Diana Evans
3rd Place – “Honker on Feather” – Leslie Rogers

Honorable Mention – “Pelican” – Ruth Olsen

Voting results from January 2018 Invitational "The Glories of Winter"


Best of Show:      N-Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner    "Face of Wolf"

1st Place:            Jack Motschenbacher                " Grizzleys"

2nd Place:           Grace Jones                               " Snowbird"

3rd Place:            Liz Garcia                                   "Watching the Backtrail" 

Hon. Mention:      N-Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner    "Song of Dancing Lights"


Best of Show:      Jonne M. Goeller                        "Creekside in Winter"

1st Place:            Jack Noller                                   "Muley Pair"

2nd Place:           Greg Beckman                            " Snowy Doe"

3rd Place:            Jack Noeller                                "Snow Mallard 1"

Hon. Mention:      Kathy Larson                               "Snow Kiss"


Best of Show:      Diane Evans                                "Snowflakes"  Fused glass

1st Place:            Barbara Turner                             "Snow"  sculpture
2nd Place:           Barbara Turner                             "Winter Wonderland"
3rd Place:            Diane Evans                                "Marshmallow Snowman" Fused Glass 
Hon. Mention:      Peggy  Gratzler                            Quilted pillow