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"Annual Holiday Showcase"
November 5 - December 17, 2017
Opening Reception Sunday, Nov. 5, noon to 4 PM
Gallery holiday hours: Noon to 4 PM daily, closed Wednesdays.

Note: Days open changes after Jan. 1, 2018

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No duplication without written permission.

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"Mystic Visions"
Photograph by Ron Larson
"Necklace" by Joyce Wagler

"Necklace" by Joyce Wagler
"Glass on Wood" by
Sandra Clark
Watercolor Painting by
Evonne Ehenger
Drawing by
Evonne Ehenger
"Paulina" Oil Painting
by Kathy Moraweic

Jewelry by
Kathy Larson
"Christmas Spiders"
Ornaments by Kathy Larson
"Desiderata"  Wolven Text
by Liz Hubbard
"Prominence"  Photograph
by Greg Beckman
"Photographic Totes" by
Debbie Henry
"Winter Tree"  Sculpture
by Debbie Beckman
"2018 Photographic Calendars"
by Debbie Henry
"Morning Sun"  Glass on Glass
by Sandra Clark
"Necklace" by
Marion Clifford
"Necklace" by
Marion Clifford
"Tree Ornaments" by
Debbie Beckman
"Cliffside With the Ancients"
Photography by Jonne M. Goeller
"Diamond Ring"
Photograph by Greg Beckman
"Rose"   Watercolor Painting
by Grace Johnson
"Alien Eclipse"  Photograph by
Jonne M. Goeller
"Deer"  Photograph by
Charlotte Motschenbacher
"Crocheted Carnations" by
Gaylene Briggs 
Crocheted Christmas Flowers
by Gaylene Briggs

"Jets"  Painting by
Jack Motschenbacher

"Lavender Sachets" by
Tess Dillenburger 
"Crocheted Candles" by
Gaylene Briggs
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